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Personal Training

Personal training is designed to take you through workouts to                                                                                       help you reach your specific goals safely and faster. You’ll learn                                                                       correct form and technique to maximize results while                                                                                                   minimizing the risk of injury. Personal Training takes the                                                                                           “guess work” out of your fitness training and creates an                                                                                       environment that keeps you motivated and committed.


You can get results with any of the following fitness goals with                                                                             personal training


  • Weight Loss

  • Improve Posture and Flexibility

  • Muscle Gain

  • Increase Sport Performance

  • Feel Better


Your Certified Personal Trainer will combine high intensity workouts and basic nutrition education for you to reach your goals and maintain long term results. A healthy diet is about eating smarter, not less.

The basic nutrition education you’ll receive will help you manage your eating behaviors, make healthier food choices and stay within your caloric budget. Most importantly, your trainer will show you that fitness can be fun and become a way of life.


For all pricing information, contact:

Randy Perkins

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