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Health and Wellness

The Colorado Miners Community Center is a facility that encourages physical education along with the practice of good physical health.  Our programs and facilities include;


  • Working with Denver Health and Hospitals to provide monthly Shots for Tots clinics.


  • Partnering with Shiloh House hosting their physical eduction program for abused youth.


  • Physical education activities and gym equipment consisting of free wieghts, cardio and cable equipment.  Everything you need to learn about physical education and keeping your body in good condition.


  • Indoor gym that can support basketball and indoor soccer.


  • Our fitness center is available for the adults in our                                                         community as well. 


  • Studio for daily fitness classes including Cardio-Boxing,                                                               Dance and Zumba.


  • Senior Programing - CMCC is now hosting 8- 10 seniors every Tuesday night for folk dancing. The participants are from surrounding neighborhoods of CMCC.

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